Umiat Station

Umiat Station Information
Current Conditions

Site Description

Station Name: Umiat Airfield
Location: Umiat, Alaska
Coordinates: 69.36993 N, 152.13623 W
Elevation: 289 Feet


Note 1 Elevation from USGS Map Umiat B-4
Note 2 Datum Used: NAD 27
Note 3 Anemometer Height: 31 feet above ground surface
Note 3 Air Temperature Height: 4.5 feet above ground surface.

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Station History

Site Commissioned: 07/2004
Sensor Information

Anemometer: RM Young 05103
Accuracy: ±0.6 mph
Range: 0-134 mph
Air Temperature/Relative Humidity: Vaisalla HMP45C
Accuracy RH @20°C: ±1% RH (factory), ±2% RH (field calibrated 0-90%), ±3% RH (field calibrated 90-100%)
RH Range: 0.8 to 100% non-condensing
Temperature Range: -39.2 to +60°C
Barometric Pressure Vaisalla PTB101B
Accuracy: ± 0.5 mB @ +20°C
Datalogger: Campbell Scientific CR10x
Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +85°C
Radio: Freewave FGR-115RC
Frequency: 900 MHz Spread Spectrum