Colville River - Alaska

Umiat Station Photos

Station Photos

Note: Directions are approximate
North is up, arrow points in camera view


Note: Arrows with no associated pictures are inactive. Arrows with pictures will "pop" up a separate browser window with each picture you "click". As you continue to "click" more windows open (each separate arrow), be sure to move them around to see each one. They will open behind each other. Use you right mouse button to click on an image to see its file name.

File naming convention: siteID_direction_[to or from].JPG - to or from indicates direction camera is looking relative to weather station site

Additional Site Photos

Umiat Station
Solar Panel
Umiat Station Overview
This picture shows the entire building. On top of the building is the mast. The air temperature is measured behind the building
Station Overview 2
This view is looking generally North.
Electrical Room
Air Temperature Sensor Shelter
The air temperature and relative humidity sensor is mounted inside this box
Anemometer and Antenna
The mast on top of the old NWS building holds the anemometer and the radio antenna
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