Umiat Airfield

Umiat, AK

Station Name: Umiat Airfield
Location: Umiat, Alaska
Coordinates: 69.36993 N, 152.13623 W
Elevation: 289 Feet


Note 1     Elevation from USGS Map Umiat B-4
Note 2     Datum Used: NAD 27
Note 3     Anemometer Height: 31 feet above ground surface
Note 3     Air Temperature Height: 4.5 feet above ground surface.

Umiat Airfield Meteorological Station
NOTICE:(12/2/04) : Recent problems that occured with the Starband satellite have been resolved.

Welcome to the Umiat Airfield weather station installation information. Information on this web site is for the internal planning use of project partners supporting the setup and operations of the weather station and network operations. Data and final site information will later be available on the site. Be sure to refresh your browser when reading this page to access the latest version.

Project Objectives:
  • Re-establish a weather station at the Umiat Airport, reporting wind speed and direction, shielded air temperature, and relative humidity, and uncalibrated (non-aviation) barometric pressure
  • Installation of two weather cameras, one facing north and the other facing south
  • Establish a wireless data network using the Starband system which can be expanded to include future sites, such as the nearby USGS Clow site
  • Data reported in 15-minute intervals and made available to the public via the Internet, Umiat Airport Station, including the National Weather Service by FTP access for incorporation in their forecasting products as warranted

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